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Landowner News - Land Prices on the Rise

By Robert Regenwether, Area Vice President

With approximately two million acres under FNC management, our farm managers are closely watching the progress of harvest, particularly corn and soybeans across the Corn Belt.

Combines have been rolling, with farmers in fields a bit earlier than usual thanks to dry conditions. Due to considerable variability in rainfall across Iowa and southern Minnesota, yields and prices are all over the board this year. Parts of eastern Iowa have dealt with extreme drought, and above average yields will be a rarity in that area. Rainfall in western Iowa and southwest Minnesota was a little better and early yield numbers from that area have been a little better than expected.

With today’s excellent genetics, most farmers in Iowa and Minnesota have yield goals in the 200 to 240 bushel per acre range on corn and 60 to 70 bushel per acre on soybeans. What we’re actually seeing this year across the area are yields closer to 200 bushel per acre corn and 60 bushel per acre soybeans. The farms that are struggling the most to hit these goals are ones that were planted late or have poorer soil quality or low soil fertility.

Farmers National Company’s farm managers have been focusing on wrapping up lease negotiations while producers are busy in the fields. When a farmer sits in the combine it serves as a great time to chat with them. Once lease terms are agreed upon Farmers National Company drafts leases for their clients and get them signed with farmers. The goal is to have this all taken care of by the end of the year.

Anyone interested in discovering how Farmers National Company can help them during or after harvest can contact an FNC Farm Manager. Learn more at www.FarmersNational.com.